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All-in-one Controllers

  • Combined functionality of HMI and PLC in a compact unit
  • I/O can be expanded up to 384 points
  • Various monitoring functions inc. Network Diagnosis
  • Free IMO licensed programming software

The IMO i3 Intelligent Controller is a unique, one-piece controller that integrates a powerful ARM-based PLC CPU, with a selection of integrated inputs and outputs as well as a choice of high-resolution HMI screens. Networking and setup required with a traditional PLC and HMI installation is vastly simplified, with inputs and outputs being simply "plugged" into the controller. The i3 installs as a one-piece device with only one piece of software to program and download.
Adding even more value, the i3 offers built-in features including internet and web-based functions, MicroSD and USB flash options, multiple serial, CAN and Ethernet networking, and a selection of expansion options. Display, control, and communicate with the IMO i3.

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  1. i3A Lite 2
  2. i3AX 5
  3. i3BX 5
  4. i3CM 6
  5. i3CX 5
  6. i3C Lite 2
  7. i3DX 6
  8. i3E Lite 4
  9. i3E 6
  10. i3HX 1

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