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Case Study: Refrigeration Motor Control System

IMO Jeambrun SAS were approached by a customer that manufactured refrigeration motor system control panels, using a competitor’s spring clamp connectors and motor circuit breakers. Their aim was to save time by implementing the the spring clamp connectors, as wires can simply be pushed into the mechanism, removing the need to tighten screw clamps.

Their time saving efforts however, were negated by the time required preparing the link wires. They needed cutting to size, stripping, and mounting ferrules, in order to cross connect to a contactor mounted on a different DIN rail.

We discussed their sore points and suggested the use of the innovative C432VK1 Link Module, specifically designed to enable easy connection between the C4/32 Motor Circuit Breaker and the MB range of IMO Contactor. The C4 Motor Circuit Breaker and MB Contactor would then replace the existing hardware, with the link module bridging the gap between them.

Although the introduction of the link module meant that the engineers were required to use a screwdriver to tighten the contacts, there were significant time savings compared to their former solution, as wires no longer needed to be prepared to the level that they were previously, plus there was no requirement for the second DIN rail.

"We are really happy with the solution given to us by IMO. The C432VK1 gives us two functions, a mechanical and electrical link. Our operators can now save a lot of time constructing the control panel, and to support them we have acquired electric screwdrivers with torque control to save even more time, and of course to ensure that the torque is correct. This has enhanced our quality offering, and what is best for our company, our operators are now much more efficient."
Lead Engineer, End Customer

"This new set-up has removed the time taken to prepare the wiring and terminations, giving us more time to produce our control panels. Our production has increased as a result."
Operations Team Leader, End Customer

2 years ago

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